the racoon's not smiling

the racoon's not smiling
Sometimes life is a live least today it's not a leg snare

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

spring babies

Welcome to the world baby!  Here he is on his rickety legs on the very first morning of his life.  We came home late at night on Saturday and found this little guy and his brother.  They were clean and lovely and smelling like sweet little babies as we carried them back to the barn. 
Six days earlier, this is what Cassidy discovered.  An hour before this picture was taken, I was running the goats out to the woodsy paddock.  I checked this mama goat over (whose name is Beeswax) and told Cassidy that the babies would be coming soon.  I had no idea that they were coming at that very moment.  All in one hour, Beeswax ran with the rest of the goats, had breakfast with them, and then walked off into the woods and birthed 2 babies.   Now that's maximum unassisted home-birth perfection.

Here's the oldest little girl with the newest little girl.

Little farm boys and their trucks.

Do they have the exact same expression?  Is this Ian in the morning with his spirit animal? 

Owning goats is a glorious experience - I couldn't be happier with these boys.  There is no better way to begin any day.  Good coffee in the morning and some fuzzy kids.

I couldn't exclude this picture - Megan and Pheonix's wedding.   While we witnessed this happy happening, our 2 newest goats were being born at home in the field.   After all, it's spring and love is in the air.

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