About The Farm


Purchased in 2009, Stonecipher Farm is owned and operated by Ian Jerolmack. We produce organic veggies on about 10 acres, eggs from free range chickens.  It's just the super raddest thing that you have ever known.

Our Philosophy

We believe that the success of our farm lies in the connection between us, the growers, and the people that we feed. Through the farmers' market and local restaurants, our connection to our community is what fuels our passion for growing!  As a  family farm, our hearts are in our farm, and our land.  Our life outside, with our land, is the greatest reward for all our hard work. 

The kiddos love the life, and can name any and all the crops we grow, if you ever want a tour.  Anna and Gideon are my tiny helpers, and are the greatest folks I know....

Look, I finally learned to drive stick!

Little smooshy guy wasn't eating carrots yet back then...
 Anna with our current flock, the day they arrived.
 Many of you probably recognize this Common Ground Fair tradition...
 Gideon loves me really hard sometimes.
 Caught that old coon eventually.
 Baby Anna with some baby bok choi.
 Papa with "two babies".
 Anna and myself on the old Deere.


Anonymous said...

LOVE this farm! Ian is the man!

dad said...

you have created a beautiful thing, Ian. Nanie would be proud.

Anonymous said...

i ve been in the truck, and its an automatic

Craig Williford said...

Hey Ian, looks like you have followed your dream!
Nice work, if I'm in the area I would love to see your farm.
Craig from the Hidden view gang

Unknown said...

We have been driving by the farm regularly over the past several years and have loved watching it grow, watching it evolve, guessing what's growing! We've set up a wellness retreat up the road with intent to engage guests in nutritious (and delicious) food and quiet detoxification. Thanks, Ian and family, for making it REAL in Maine.

Anonymous said...

Ian, it was so nice to meet you last night thank you for sharing that amazing meal with me in the amazing conversation that we had, see you on the farm soon. CARMINE. PS. MIND YOU OWN TOMATOES!

Anonymous said...

Say hi to that angel Anna .

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